Our goal is to provide you with headshots that get you work! That’s the sole purpose of everything we do!



  • He was voted the “Best Photographer” by BackStage Magazine and by CSA several years in a row.
  • He’s a successful working actor with over 20 years experience on both sides of the camera.
  • He’s internationally known as “LA’s Type and Image Specialist” and is the go-to expert on branding! For a consolation with Mark, click here.
  • He has taught “How to Shoot Headshots” at several photography schools in town and several prominent photographers in town learned from him.
  • He is an artistic mad man who loves to engage and have fun. And, he loves actors. 
  • His shots get actors work… period!


Actor’s Headshots

* Starting at $395

  • 3 Looks $545
  • 4 Looks $625
  • 5 Looks $700

Branding Shots

* Starting at $895

  • 3 Looks $1050
  • 4 Looks $1250
  • 5+ Looks $1450+

Makeup & Hair

Starting at $145

  • Men $145
  • Women $195
  • Non-Gender Specific $195


We understand just how expensive it can be to pay for all the things actors are required to pay for. That’s why we’re generous with our discounts. Here’s four ways to get a discount: 1) Show us proof of a donation to a charity in the past year. 2) Recommend at least one friend to us  who books a session. 3) Be referred by an approved school, group or organization. 4) Do a consulation with Mark.

*The discount is $150 off! Below are a few charities we love.


Preparing for a Shoot

Wardrobe Considerations

Hair and Makeup

Getting Your Files

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“One of the first things you need to do is realize how they’re going to market you. Because if you don’t know how you’re marketable, it doesn’t matter how persistent, driven or talented you are. That’s where it starts.”

– Alex O’Loughlin, Actor