Preparing for Your Shoot

Thank you for your interest in shooting with Mark Atteberry, award winning photographer, owner of Idyllic Photography and Be A Working Actor Studios (BAWA). Here is a brief list of important information regarding your shoot and some practical advice that will help your session to run smoothly. Mark’s purpose is to make this easy, give you a wonderful experience and provide you with headshots that get you work.

An Important First Note: All headshot photographers all have their own style. Please make sure you are comfortable with Mark’s naturalistic style before you confirm your session.

Headhots are all about casting! It’s imperative that your shots address three questions: 1) What’s your look? 2) What’s your personality? 3) Can you act?

“What’s your look” means how you physically cast? Rule #1 in headshots is you have to look the same way you do in your shots as you do in person. Mark shoots natural light to ensure that you look like you. Mark will shoot you in a way that shows your types, your casting strengths and your uniqueness. That said, bring clothes that tell us who you are (see the Wardrobe page on this website).

“What’s your personality” means exactly what is says, you need to show us your real personality. That’s what Casting Directors and Agents say they want to see most. In order to get that on camera, you need to be relaxed and have fun! That’s the key to being “yourself.” In life our best shots are usually the ones we shoot with friends when we are hanging out and “messing around.” That’s the feeling you should have in your headshot session. Come prepared to mess around and have fun!

“Can you act” means do you have something going on in your head, is there life behind your eyes and are you connecting to the camera. They key is to connecting is to come prepared to act. Bring some dialogue that is very “you,” a monologue or even some personal stories (for examples download Mark’s well know “Sample Dialog Sheet” HERE). How are you normally cast? Bring thoughts and mental images that address your “types” and roles. Not to worry, Mark is very directorial and will do whatever it takes to get your personality and your unique talent to shine through your shots. Throughout the session he will give you lines, tasks, and plenty of thoughts to play with as you shoot.

Avoid drinking alcohol or  drugs. The dehydration will definitely be noticeable through the lens. Trust us! Make sure you get plenty of rest and, as stated above, come prepared to have FUN! Nothing sells a headshot better than a person who is relaxed and having a blast. It makes you, what casting directors call, “likable!”

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