Thoughts About Hair and Makeup

Most guys generally don’t need makeup (unless you are oily all the time or have blemishes you need to cover). Most women and non-gender specific actors do. Because Mark shoots natural light, your makeup will usually look like it does in person. It is okay to go slightly heavy but for the most part. Mark recommends doing your makeup and hair as you would if you were going out on an audition (rule #1 in headshots is you have to look the same way you do in your photo as you do in person). If you have any concerns about doing your own makeup for camera please get a professional makeup artist. Mark has a couple of brilliant makeup/hair artists who he highly recommends. But, many actors do choose to do their own, and that’s fine. The makeup/hair artist is an additional $195 for women/non-gender specific and $145 for men.

*If you do your own makeup, the only real concern is avoid mineral makeups. They often don’t look good on digital. They are fine in person but on camera they enhance your flaws, thanks to the sparkly minerals they contain. So, avoid makeup lines like “Bare Essentials.” If you must use a mineral line (or if you are a guy who is shiny all the time) Mark recommends getting a decent “blot powder” to keep the shine down. Mac makes a decent, camera friendly and affordable line of blot powders. Just go to any Mac counter and ask for one that matches your skin color. Or if you want to upscale things, Bobbi Brown makes fantastic camera-friendly blot powders.

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